Journalism pay sucks

This is what’s wrong with journalism: $15,000 job offers.

The Journal wants applicants with journalism training and reporting experience to apply for a $15,000 job in New Ulm Minnesota, wherever the fuck that is. College graduates are “encouraged to apply.”

Oh, and the ad says “photography, video and page layout” is a plus.

Journalism Jobs post

The ad posted on Friday. I think I’ll apply for shits and giggles. Let’s see if I can get Mr. Managing Editor to offer me the high-end salary of $20,000. I mean, I do come with 13 years of experience, a shit-load of journalism awards and the ability to do social media thanks to the shitty economy and online pressures.

And, I can toss around all the media buzz words. I’m proficient, for example, in digital storytelling and social engagement, regardless of the media platform.

I hate to start packing before I’ve even sent in my resume, but I went ahead and did some preliminary checking, just in case I get offered the job. The median household income in New Ulm – population 13,000 – is $44,000, according to The good news is I already found on “Hot Ads” a one-bedroom apartment, heat included, for $360 a month in Gibbon. The bad news is it’s a 17-mile commute and my Jeep is a fucking gas guzzler.

Yeah, I read this week Allyson Bird’s blog, “Why I left news” as did 165,000 other people. Turns out she left the news because of the pay, and after fewer years than me, I might add.

In her own words:

“News was never this gray, aging entity to me. It was more like young love, that reckless attraction that consumes you entirely, until one day – suddenly — you snap out of feeling enamored and realize you’ve got to detach. I left news, not because I didn’t love it enough, but because I loved it too much – and I knew it was going to ruin me.”

At least I don’t have to worry that she’ll be my competition for The Journal gig. They’re also looking for a $15,000-a-year sports reporter in New Ulm. Maybe I’ll apply for both.