The White Party jam or the HOA bitch?

The White Party stage on Amado Road is going up.

When I lived in the condo complex across the street, I used to dread the weekend-long party that caps off with a Ferris wheel and Tea Dance.

The White Party, held over Easter Weekend, is expected to draw more than 30,000 revelers to Palm Springs this weekend. It is the largest, gay circuit party in the U.S.

white party

Former T-Dance erformers include Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige and ke$ha. But The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality TV personality turned really bad singer Kim Zolcaik was by far the worst. No amount of cotton frantically shoved into my ears could block out her “Tardy for the Party” and the multiple out-of-tune encores forced upon the neighborhood because Zolcaik at the time only had one song in her repertoire.

It wasn’t so much that it felt like I had an unwanted front row seat in my condo across the street nor that my furniture vibrated, along with the bass, but that the concert always went long and I had a 6 a.m. shift the following day.

White Party 2

Now I live safely a mile away. Next to the HOA bitch.

So, OK, it’s a toss up.


Journalism pay sucks

This is what’s wrong with journalism: $15,000 job offers.

The Journal wants applicants with journalism training and reporting experience to apply for a $15,000 job in New Ulm Minnesota, wherever the fuck that is. College graduates are “encouraged to apply.”

Oh, and the ad says “photography, video and page layout” is a plus.

Journalism Jobs post

The ad posted on Friday. I think I’ll apply for shits and giggles. Let’s see if I can get Mr. Managing Editor to offer me the high-end salary of $20,000. I mean, I do come with 13 years of experience, a shit-load of journalism awards and the ability to do social media thanks to the shitty economy and online pressures.

And, I can toss around all the media buzz words. I’m proficient, for example, in digital storytelling and social engagement, regardless of the media platform.

I hate to start packing before I’ve even sent in my resume, but I went ahead and did some preliminary checking, just in case I get offered the job. The median household income in New Ulm – population 13,000 – is $44,000, according to The good news is I already found on “Hot Ads” a one-bedroom apartment, heat included, for $360 a month in Gibbon. The bad news is it’s a 17-mile commute and my Jeep is a fucking gas guzzler.

Yeah, I read this week Allyson Bird’s blog, “Why I left news” as did 165,000 other people. Turns out she left the news because of the pay, and after fewer years than me, I might add.

In her own words:

“News was never this gray, aging entity to me. It was more like young love, that reckless attraction that consumes you entirely, until one day – suddenly — you snap out of feeling enamored and realize you’ve got to detach. I left news, not because I didn’t love it enough, but because I loved it too much – and I knew it was going to ruin me.”

At least I don’t have to worry that she’ll be my competition for The Journal gig. They’re also looking for a $15,000-a-year sports reporter in New Ulm. Maybe I’ll apply for both.