Facebook isn’t cool anymore

Facebook really is evil.

And I’m offended.

So, I worked a follow up story on the Palm Springs High School teacher arrested Thursday on a felony contact with a minor today. I wanted to message someone who commented on the online story. I got this polite message:

“You aren’t connected to Katie Mariger on Facebook, so your message would normally get filtered to her Other folder. You can:

Send this message to her inbox for $1.oo or

Just send this message to her Other folder.”

What the fuck?

I paid the buck. At least I didn’t try to message Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg or journalist Michelle Li. Then I would have been charged $100.

I wonder if there’s a charge to message me?

The fantastic thing about these social media platforms used to be the fact that it is a great equalizer. If I wanted to talk directly to a celebrity, skip all the PR flacks and Tweet @ladygaga or @AshtonKutcher I could. I still can of course, but now if I want to on Facebook, it’ll cost me.

I watched “The Social Network.” I’ll say this: All that time Suckerberg spent saying no to advertising to keep Facebook cool has gone to shit.



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